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Feature Friday: Leveraging ON24 Engagement Hub for your Virtual Event

March 27th, 2020 Stephanie Dang

ON24 Engagement Hub is not only a great resource to host all of your content, but it can easily and efficiently create a rich digital event experience that is just as engaging as a physical event. Let’s dig into all the tools and features you can leverage to make Engagement Hub your next virtual event venue.

Host Upcoming and On-Demand Webinars with Full Interactivity

Along with various multimedia types such as PDFs and videos, ON24 Engagement Hub is directly integrated into ON24 Webcast Elite and can host both upcoming and on-demand webinars. By hosting these webinars in an Engagement Hub, attendees only need to go to one place, similar to one conference hall, to engage with your content and speakers. They can easily join all of your virtual event’s sessions and interact—all without the lengthy commute time or running from one ballroom to the next.

Simplify Registration with One-Click Registration

Digital attendees don’t want to fill out any more forms than they need to. With One-Click Registration, attendees need to only register once to view all content in the Hub and sign up for any upcoming or on-demand webinar. By removing extra forms, attendees are given one coherent experience, rather than sitting in a bunch of individual, disparate webinars.

Pro Tip: You can simplify registration even more by using the CTA engagement tool in ON24 Webcast Elite to auto-register your audience members to a webinar, seamlessly sending attendees to the next scheduled session. We highlighted this recently in Feature Friday: Humanizing Your Digital Experiences.

Customize Your Hub for an Immersive Brand Experience

Getting all the signage and decorations for a physical event is costly, time-consuming and stressful. By hosting your event in an Engagement Hub, easily customize layouts and branding to allow your digital experience to not only beautifully display your brand, but also create an immersive brand experience just like an in-person event. Use your brand’s colors, banners and custom thumbnails. Additionally, by organizing and categorizing your webinars and content to align with conference tracks or event dates, attendees can easily find relevant content.

Enable Breakout Sessions and Networking

Link your online meeting rooms, such as Slack or Join.me, to Engagement Hub so participants can easily network, discuss and ask questions. Attendees can even turn on mics and webcams to have a more visual experience. And, by creating a category or area focused on these meeting tools and conversation channels, you have your new smaller “conference room” location where individuals can have a deeper discussion.

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