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Feature Friday: Humanizing Your Digital Experiences

March 13th, 2020 Stephanie Dang

There are a few benefits to realize by moving an in-person event to a digital one: no need to rent a huge conference space and limiting attendee travel time. However, we understand there’s something in the magic of being face-to-face, connecting with others on an intimate level.

At ON24, we love fostering that human interaction in the digital world. Here are three unique ways you can successfully extend your event from in-person to digital while continuing to drive engagement and connection.

Show Your Face

Showing your face during your webinar makes the whole experience less robotic. Attendees want to not only hear but also see, excitement for your content.

Simply turning on webcam or video capabilities add another dynamic to your entire event. Don’t worry about how you look as the preview window will ensure that you see what your audience sees. You can also incorporate Broadcast Video to bring broadcast-quality HD video to your webinars.

Use CTAs to Easily Lead Audiences to the Next Session

Physically running from one session to another can be stressful. With the CTA engagement tool, audiences are guided into the next session to continue their learning and engagement.

When creating your CTA, simply select the Webcast option and put in the audience URL. As long as the registration fields are the same, attendees will be auto-registered to the next event without needing to re-type all their information.

If the next session already started, attendees will dive right in. If it hasn’t started, attendees will see a landing page noting they are registered for the next session. That page will then be refreshed to allow the attendee to start viewing when the webinar does start. No need to rush to the other end of the conference hall!

The CTA tool can be set up as:

    • Always on the console: Allow the attendee to check out another session whenever.
    • Post-live: The CTA will be launched when the presenter ends the current webinar.

The CTA can also lead attendees to visit another webpage, to contact you or visit an ON24 Engagement Hub. If you’re an ON24 customer, check out the knowledge center for more best practices or contact your Customer Success Manager to see how else you can leverage the CTA tool.

Encourage Networking via Chat

One of the best aspects of an in-person event or conference is all the networking. From connecting with other like-minded individuals during a breakout session to those side conversations in the hallway, events foster meeting new individuals to grow professionally. With ON24’s Chat engagement tool, audiences and attendees can not only engage with your content but also with each other — digitally!

With Chat, attendees are able to interact and exchange ideas. They will feel like they are still part of a larger audience, just sitting digitally next to one another. Another added benefit of digital networking is unlike a physical event with many side discussions, all chats in an ON24 event are still logged in the webinar reporting.

…But wait, there’s more!

The ON24 platform is built for engagement. Other features such as the Q&A, polls and surveys continue to allow audiences to stay engaged, interact and connect with the presenter.

Ready to go digital? Check out our Taking Your In-Person Events Digital guide to leverage the ON24 platform to scale, reach broad audiences and deliver event ROI.