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Celebrating The ON24X 2023 Award Winners

July 28th, 2023 Jade Shojaee

Curious to see how top-performing marketers drive digital experience innovation through powerful workflows and processes? 

Satisfy that curiosity and learn how some top-performing organizations — including Microsoft, Salesforce, Wellmed and NACE — craft stellar digital experiences with our latest cohort of ON24 Experience Award winners

Discover how these teams make expert use of the ON24 platform to overcome scale, growth and engagement hurdles to achieve their strategic objectives and drive regular, recurring results. 

Learn why these seven teams were award winners at the ON24 Experience 2023 and see examples of this year’s most impactful digital experiences.

Watch The ON24 Experience 2023 on demand.

Tata Consulting

Tata Consulting

Globalization Award

This award goes to the organization that has effectively globalized and regionalized their campaigns, while making their content accessible, available and engaging for all of their unique audiences.

TCS did a standout job of putting their global audience at the center of their engagement strategy by working across regional teams to extend the reach of their programs. 

This past year, their team at TCS created several large-scale, tentpole experiences about trending universal topics, such as sustainability, that served as one, global integrated campaign to build awareness and thought leadership for multiple business units simultaneously. And, it doesn’t stop at awareness. By leveraging the “Book Meeting” tool, TCS successfully generated sales meetings in real-time, turning global engagement into pipeline.   

Congratulations to everyone at TCS! 


Salesforce 2023

Workflow Wizard Award

This award goes to the organization that has successfully used ON24 to automate core processes to scale the volume and impact of their digital programs.  

With a well-coordinated, process-driven workflow, Salesforce delivered a series of successful physical, digital and hybrid events for multiple audience types across the globe with ON24. By having one platform for digital engagement, Salesforce efficiently repurposed content across digital and physical channels, engaging audiences in the time, format and channel they prefer most.

They also centralized their data and integrations to stay aligned cross-functionally and enable their sales teams to follow up in less than 24 hours. Working smarter, not harder, is why Salesforce is a Workflow Wizard – congrats! 



Data Innovator Award

This award goes to the organization using ON24 engagement data to enrich their CRM or Marketing Automation systems to find insights that help their teams use data to make better decisions – from refining content topics to enabling sales follow-up and driving pipeline. 

Microsoft feeds all the intelligence they capture across multiple ON24 experiences into their CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms, which help its sales team qualify leads and accelerate deals. And, they don’t stop there. Microsoft uses all that audience feedback and interactivity to optimize their future content plans, and continue driving revenue results. 

Strong conversion always starts with great data. Congratulations Microsoft! 



Engage to Convert Award

This award goes to the company that consistently engages audiences through innovative interactivity and engagement tools, follow-ups, and calls to action, improving conversion rates across the funnel.   

HR platform provider, Paycor, has shown us what’s possible with the power of digital engagement. Through its biannual virtual summit, Paycor achieved a 10% conversion rate of attendees to new sales meetings, creating thousands of opportunities and contributing millions in new bookings from one program. 

With a strategic mix of engagement and conversion tools, Paycor integrated calls-to-actions, attendee chat, certifications, polls, surveys and more to find both interest and intent, and identify ready-to-buy prospects. 

Well done Paycor! 



Digital Transformation Award

This award goes to the company that has totally transformed their go-to-market strategy with the power of digital engagement, evolving their programs, processes, people and technology to drive digital innovation across the organization.  

Healthcare insurance provider WellMed did a great job of taking the digital experiences we’ve come to expect in our consumer lives, and bringing it into the healthcare world. Taking a note from streaming services, WellMed re-imagined audience engagement by creating an impactful inbound content hub that included resources to engage members, provide relevant information, and help them live healthier lives.  

What WellMed has done goes beyond delivering digital content. They’ve developed an innovative way to extend their reach to patients after in-person or virtual events in a channel that didn’t exist for them a few years ago. It’s the first time anyone at this organization has been able to continue the patient relationship post-event, and it’s literally life-changing. 

Congrats WellMed team and well done. 



Brand Impact Award

This award goes to the company that has created amazing experiences that totally immerses their audience with custom branding, multitouch interactions and a never-ending content journey.    

Through a branded custom engagement hub and a series of corresponding live and on-demand webinar experiences, the National Association for Continuing Education educated thousands of oncology nurses on a diverse range of topics while maintaining a consistent and compelling experience as part of their Oncology Nurse Advisor Summit. 

Their use of graphic design, high-quality video production and custom polls kept their audiences captive and engaged throughout their entire experience, with thousands of emoji reactions, poll responses and positive audience feedback as a result. 

Most importantly, NACE has converted all that engagement into results. By keeping the audience connected and attentive at the summit and across all their educational programs throughout the year, NACE has scaled their audience certifications by 4x while saving $300,000 annually. 

What a great example of using your brand to drive awareness and results. 



Campaign Integration Award

This award goes to the organization that develops a holistic campaign with omnichannel promotion, including sales, and on-demand content to create engagement before, during and after an experience ends. 

The team at Zywave took a really innovative approach to account-based marketing with their ON24X Award-winning campaign, cleverly integrated around a series of on-demand event experiences. By enabling sales to personalize email outreach and incentivize participation through direct mail, Zywave was able to focus on their top accounts and find a new way to book new sales meetings through this high-touch, highly personalized experience.  

They even integrated an interactive ROI calculator directly within the experience – such a great example of how to take audiences on a complete journey, and prioritize the right accounts with the right offers. Congratulations to the Zycor team! 

If you missed any ON24X 2023 sessions, including the masterclass or awards ceremony, you can catch the whole thing on-demand here.

Watch The ON24 Experience 2023 on demand.