Taking a Global Customer Meeting Virtual

Via mass spectrometry, AB SCIEX enables scientists and laboratory analysts to address the complex analytical challenges they face in the life sciences marketplace. Mass spectrometry is an analytical technique that measures the mass-to-charge ratio of charged particles to determine the composition of molecular and other chemical compounds.

AB SCIEX holds an annual user meeting to review the state of the industry and cover technological advances and trending applications in mass spectrometry. Though the meeting had been held in person for more than 20 years, many of the company’s customers were unable to attend due to the day-to-day demands of their responsibilities in labs and research facilities around the world. So, AB SCIEX needed a solution to bring the meeting to the community of scientists that it serves globally, across multiple time zones, and to deliver complex technical information in an easy-to-digest way.


AB SCIEX eConference–Pushing the Limits in Mass Spectrometry

Working with ON24, AB SCIEX created an online event entitled ― Pushing the Limits in Mass Spectrometry, taking its annual meeting online and creating the ― go-to virtual destination for mass spectrometry content. Designed to connect industry leaders, application experts and scientists, the eConference from AB SCIEX was a first in the life sciences industry.

Held as a four-day event, with a different market segment focus per day, the eConference enabled attendees to interact with speakers in their own time zones – creating a global event — with appropriate focus and content for each region.

Made available via ON24’s Virtual Briefing Center, ― Pushing the Limits in Mass Spectrometry leveraged a combination of live and pre-recorded content. This ― simulive event included customer presentations and live Q&A sessions. Content tracks included Omics and Biomarker Research, Pharmaceutical R&D, and Food & Environmental Research and brought together leading scientists who provided insights into their ongoing research in these areas.


Exceeding Expectations with a Hybrid Solution

Promoted in advance by a ― trailer video that built excitement among the target audience, ― Pushing the Limits in Mass Spectrometry far exceeded AB SCIEX’s objectives regarding attendance and lead generation.

Using the ON24 platform, exceptional results were achieved:

  • More than 1,400 attendees
  • Average visit duration of more than 133 minutes
  • Cost savings and convenience in addressing a global audience

AB SCIEX received very positive feedback from attendees. According to the company’s post-event survey results, a high percentage said it was an informative event and well worth their time.