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What To Expect At The Checkpoint Summit 2023

August 9th, 2023

This month, thousands of leading B2B marketers are gathering — virtually — to discuss one thing: how to optimize our marketing programs to finish the year strong. 

And that’s what we’ll be diving into at “Checkpoint’23: Optimize Your Results,” taking place on August 22. This two-hour event will cover the latest techniques for boosting your digital performance with AI-generated content, multichannel campaigns and data-driven operations.

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You’ll also hear from leading B2B brands — from Zywave and Sendoso to Netline, Influitive and Demandbase plus many more — on how you can establish repeatable processes that’ll help you optimize your marketing campaigns.  

Here’s what’s in store: 

Discover why B2B needs a new go-to-market playbook

When the marketing playbooks we’ve used for years just aren’t working, we must redefine how we go to market.

That’s what Jon Miller, CMO at Demandbase, and Callan Young, CMO at ON24, will discuss during their keynote session. Tune in to learn what two innovative CMOs are doing to optimize GTM strategies in today’s digital-first world. 

Optimizing channels and programs 

What can you do to optimize your marketing channels and programs? We have three in-depth breakout sessions covering exactly that. Check them out below!

A winning combo: webinars, gifting and how to use both to enhance the buyer’s journey

What does it take to drive revenue success? You must make the most of every single opportunity.

Discover how — with the right combination of data, tools and gifting — you can deliver unforgettable experiences at every touchpoint.

Sendoso, Zywave and ON24 sit down to unbox the playbook for an amazing buyer’s journey. They’ll also discuss how you can help your marketing and sales teams connect with buyers through webinars and gifting. You’ll also get to see how Zywave uses both ON24 and Sendoso to drive responses, accelerate pipeline and optimize the entire buyer’s experience.

Building community: how to develop advocates and drive customer-led growth

According to Forrester, 70% of revenue will come from existing customers, making your user community more important than ever before. 

In this session, Influitive will share their best practices for customer marketing, showing you how to engage and educate your user base, find and foster advocates and develop a powerful network of champions to drive customer-led growth.

Supercharging reach: how to run cost-effective promotional campaigns for your webinars and virtual events

Most B2B buyers now prefer to engage with brands on digital channels first. As a consequence, audience behavior and content consumption has changed rapidly. 

Has your promotional strategy kept up? 

Join ON24 for a lightning-round session of tips, tricks and creative strategies to boost webinar, virtual events and content registrations beyond the typical email blast. From experimenting with paid channels to activating reps to rethinking your reminders — get ready to supercharge your promotional campaigns and your results.

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Optimizing data and operations 

Discover how you can build a plan that streamlines operations and makes data-sharing between sales and marketing a cinch in these three breakout sessions. 

Increasing conversion: how to use engagement data and AI to create high-impact content

To gain a competitive edge, B2B marketers must go beyond generic content and create unique experiences that resonate with individuals. But how can you deliver personalization at scale?

Tune into this session with Netline and ON24 to learn how AI can provide you with high-quality data inputs that can then turn into high-quality content outputs. 

You’ll hear how to uncover individual buyer interests and intent based on previous digital engagement and content consumption, and then use those insights to develop prompts for generative AI tools to automate highly targeted messaging and content.

Hitting targets: how to engage the right accounts with the right message at the right time

Marketing leaders from Integrate, Bombora and ON24 sit down to discuss in this breakout session. Tune in to learn how you can use AI-driven insights, buyer intent and engagement data to prioritize and segment your audiences, optimize conversion, maximize investments and amplify your impact on revenue.

Improving quality: how to prevent “bad leads” from entering your funnel

More than one in ten visitors on your site is an invalid user — skewing your marketing data and filling your funnel with “bad leads” that take up space and create inefficiencies in how you forecast, target and spend marketing dollars. 

Go-to-market success relies on the quality of your data and database. What should you look for and how can you address it?

Join marketing leaders at Cheq and ON24 to discuss the impacts of invalid traffic on GTM effectiveness and ROI. Learn how to identify and minimize fake users, safeguard the integrity of your data and maximize the impact of your go-to-market efforts with genuine customers.

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