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Webinar World 2018: Captivate your audience with Alex Blumberg

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Marketers crave engagement. Not only that, but they crave engagement they can measure, reproduce and build on. The reason for this impulse is easy to understand. Once you engage someone, you capture their attention and, provided you have a good story to tell, you continue a conversation with them as time wears on and, hopefully, persuade them to become customers.

Alex Blumberg knows engagement. It’s not because he’s a co-founder of Gimlet Media (which recently raised an astounding $15 million in funds), or its CEO, but because producing engaging content is simply in his nature. After all, he’s spent his career talking to people as a radio journalist for National Public Radio’s award-winning series, This American Life. His work at NPR eventually earned him the George Polk Award in Radio Reporting for his production, The Giant Pool of Money, which covered the lead-up to the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. He’s been busy ever since.

So what’s the secret to his success? Well, beyond hard work, it’s knowing what sticks with listeners, readers, viewers and the whole range of media consumers. For Blumberg, the theory is that audio sticks and engages. That theory has proven to be especially true, as recent analytics have found that podcasts, one of the most popular mediums today, keeps listeners engaged for roughly “90 percent of a given episode,” according to WIRED. Not only that, but those engagements can last upwards of an hour — ads included.

So how can marketers tap into this level of engagement? Thankfully, come early March, Alex will share what he knows about making things stick at Webinar World 2018: Engagement in the Digital World.

That’s right, Alex Blumberg will explain how B2B marketers can engage and convert modern buyers with powerful storytelling and engaging content. It’s a boundless opportunity to learn the art of captivation from one of its modern masters.

So how can you tune in? Simple. Register for Webinar World 2018 today and make your way to the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, California, from March 5-7 to catch him. And, while there, check out our whole curriculum on how to deliver, measure and perfect engaging webinars for your marketing efforts and boost your customer satisfaction. All you have to do is click here.