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Feature Friday: Content Insights

September 20th, 2019 Stephanie Dang

In 1996, Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote “Content is King,” and that phrase continues to reign 23 years later (see what I did there?). In the decades since “content is king” has become a mantra for marketers—because content is the essential element of digital marketing strategies, prospect self-education and sales engagement.

Having a strategy with content at the forefront is essential and critical for reaching audiences. With half of B2B buyers now relying even more on content than before to make their purchase decisions, 95% of B2B CMOs consider “better tailoring of content” a top priority. And a robust strategy isn’t just about simply producing content, but also about ensuring the most pertinent and relevant content is provided to target audiences.

The ON24 platform enables Content Insights that provide marketers with an understanding of how each piece of content is performing, how their audience is engaging with that content and further informs them of the right content for their audiences. Wherever that content is hosted, such as in your Engagement Hub or a Target experience, key metrics are captured so users  can choose the right content for each audience and digital content experience that they build. Content Insights’ actionable data includes:

  • Total content views
  • Unique viewers
  • Average viewing time
  • Ratings and Comments
  • Top accounts that viewed the content
  • Audience comments
  • And more!

Equipped with this level of robust data, marketers can start to optimize their campaigns and select the best content for specific audiences, personas or accounts. The delivery of tailored and customized content experiences effectively increases engagement, content consumption and accelerates buyer journeys.

Content Insights can easily be accessed across ON24 products and tools including Engagement Hub, Target and the Media Manager.

If you’d like to learn more about ON24 Intelligence and Content Insights, please contact us. If you’re an ON24 customer, learn more about Content Insights in the Knowledge Center.