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Thermo Fisher Scientific Surpasses SQL Target By 200% with ON24

September 27th, 2021 Andrea Bartman

Each year, Thermo Fisher Scientific, producer of scientific and diagnostic research equipment, software and services and a world leader in life sciences research, hosts dozens face-to-face events around the world.

But in 2020, the organization realized it needed a new strategy to reach its global customers. The team at Thermo Fisher decided to transition a digital-first strategy with the ON24 platform. 

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Its first project? Finding an innovative approach to digital experiences and creating a company-owned virtual event for current and prospective customers.

Thermo Fisher’s job wasn’t going to be easy.

Thermo Fisher Breaks Through The Digital Noise

Webinerd social media

With an abundance of digital experiences available to consumers, Thermo Fisher needed to capture attendee interest and draw them to the event. To ensure its success, the company needed a webinar platform that would engage customers and present its material in the best light possible.

To add another complexity to mix, the company also needed to be mindful of privacy and consent issues for participants.

With all this in mind, the team created a live digital event series called Reveal 2020 using ON24 Webcast Elite and ON24 Virtual Conference.

Since transitioning to digital experiences with ON24, Thermo Fisher Scientific has:

    • Produced and delivered a virtual experience series with 36 live events over six days
    • Reached 3,800 attendees through its digital series
    • Connected with 4,669 customers and prospects through ON24 Virtual Conference booth visits
    • Exceeded its SQL target by 200% and its MQL target by 150%

Here’s how the team did it.

Thermo Fisher Creates an Immersive, Customer-Centric Digital Experience

A webinerd and her community dancing happily in a virtual circle

The team had only six weeks to create, produce and deliver Reveal 2020. That meant quickly finding, organizing and training marketing professionals and subject matter experts on webinar best practices.

Additionally, Thermo Fisher was new to ON24, so the team had to learn how to use the platform and train others to use it to get everything prepared in time for the event to launch.

Thermo Fisher’s team pulled it all together and created a digital experience series and offered virtual booths for additional engagement opportunities. With ON24 Webcast Elite’s always-on capabilities, the live events were also available on-demand to ensure everyone who wanted to participate could.

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Thermo Fisher also used ON24 to run its Ignite Surface Analysis conference, an event previously held in-person every year. The company created an immersive virtual environment using ON24 Virtual Conference complete with a lobby, auditorium, exhibit hall featuring virtual booths and networking lounge where participants could chat and connect.

As a virtual conference, Thermo Fisher produced three hour-long sessions and a panel discussion on topics related to scientists and engineers in the field. The events aired live for participants in Europe and again for those in North America.

The ON24 platform allowed Thermo Fisher to completely customize its virtual event space. The ability to add brand logos and tailor graphics with company-specific color schemes provided a one-of-a-kind experience for participants that increased brand recognition and left a lasting impression.

How Thermo Fisher Uses Digital Experiences to Drive Results 

A webinerd celebrating success.

By partnering with ON24, Thermo Fisher produced digital experiences that resonated with their audience and generated new leads.

Overall, the Reveal 2020 series resulted in 9,507 registrants with 3,800 attendees, an almost 40% registrant-to-attendee conversion rate. Participants visited the Virtual Conference booths 4,669 times and initiated 472 chats with Thermo Fisher representatives.

For the Ignite Surface Analysis event, the company gained 150% more MQLs and 200% more SQLs than expected.

With the success of its digital experiences, Thermo Fisher plans to continue offering webinars and virtual events well into the future.

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