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Six Examples of Webinars that Set New Records

March 19th, 2024 Lauren Teneriello

What happens when you give it your all for engagement and interaction in your webinars? Simply put: magic. 

Check out these six examples of companies that gave their webinars a little thought and reaped dividends. With these webinar examples, you’ll get some inspiration that can help you break through personal webinar goals across conversions, registrants, demo requests and more. 

Let’s take a look now:

ZoomInfo gives a masterclass in business results

ZoomInfo Console

ZoomInfo broke its webinar records in 2023 with more than 1,100 registrants and almost a 50% attendance conversion rate to a single event — an event that, using built-in CTA abilities, drove prospects to schedule 190 demos — with 108 demos completed. 

So, what got ZoomInfo’s audience interested in talking with its sales team?

With the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform, ZoomInfo took advantage of its webinar capability to pre-record events, upload high-production media content and craft a quality masterclass experience for its audience. And, while listening, viewers could participate by trying out ZoomInfo’s free tools, including their Total Addressable Market calculator, which calculated the registrant’s potential market value. 

Capabilities used:

    • Webinars
    • Webinar CTAs 
    • Simulive 
    • On-demand events

FloQast provides accessible certification


With an audience eager to understand the latest trends in accounting, FloQast saw a big jump in its annual virtual conference, TakeControl. Its 2023 event, powered by the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform and its virtual conference capabilities, saw registration leap by 22% year-over-year — beating its registration goal by 500 attendees and its attendee goal by 20%.

What brought FloQast such outstanding numbers? A well-thought-out digital experience powered by ON24 and the interactive and engagement capabilities ON24 brings to any event. 

For example, the ON24 certification module allowed for accessible continuing education for an audience primarily of finance and accounting professionals. These professionals required Continuing Professional Education credits to keep their licenses current. In fact, 81% of event attendees’ primary reason for attending was to obtain their CPE certificates.

With ON24, FloQast could fully customize and brand the event experience while engaging with its audience. The Scheduled Chat feature allowed the FloQast team to host a “Genius Bar” throughout the two-day event where viewers could have a 1:1 conversation to get specific questions answered. 

The integration between Hubspot, Salesforce and ON24 let FloQast receive real-time attendee data. This benefit allowed the sales team to follow up with attendants promptly.

For an added boost of engagement, FloQast included a virtual Scavenger Hunt that encouraged viewers to access additional content, visit sponsor booths, and attend as many sessions as possible to gain points.

Capabilities used:

    • Virtual Conference
    • Scheduled chat 
    • Gamification 
    • Powerful integrations 

Travel Media Group integrates video clips


Travel Media Group specializes in providing hoteliers with premier marketing services that help organizations manage hotel reputation, awareness and social media marketing. Travel Media Group put together an interactive live webinar on the topic to provide its prospects with an understanding of how the team approaches social media. 

As a result of a personable, one-on-one approach, the team saw a significant boost in leads and closed deals. 

Exercises throughout the event prompted viewers to examine their social media from a visual perspective and view the importance of videos to increase brand awareness. Regular statistics offering valuable data were presented on slides. A button to register for Travel Media Group’s upcoming virtual event (building your 2024 social content calendar) was also visible.

To engage attendees, and offer them a variety of branded resources, Travel Media Group included links to a social media strategy course and survey in its resource list. But most of their success resulted in seamlessly integrating video content into their event so that viewers could experience reels in the same format as their social media followers.

Since the traveling experience is all about making viewers feel they are already on their next adventure, Travel Media Group wanted viewers to learn the power of video. ON24 allowed Travel Media Group to prove that fresh video content is more engaging than static images.

Capabilities used:

    • Webinars
    • Resource list
    • Webinar CTAs 
    • Book-a-Meeting CTA

Danfoss engages with registrants


Danfoss provides services that help manufacturers and other industries become more efficient. To help its global customer base understand all that Danfoss has to offer, it created a webinar series powered by the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform.

Danfoss took advantage of the ON24 platform’s multi-registration capabilities to promote its webinars to a large audience. This feature made it easy for visitors to register for multiple webinars at once. 

A survey allowed viewers to share their thoughts and suggestions about the webinar, and what they would want to learn in subsequent webinars.

In its webinars, Danfoss built a custom console that reflected the look and feel of its brand. Danfoss even embedded video snippets into its presentations so audiences could easily orient themselves to the company’s virtual environment. 

Within its events, Danfoss provided attendees with a variety of ways to engage with the brand. Webinar participants could easily access additional Danfoss material through the included resource list, check out the team’s e-learning hub, book a meeting with a Danfoss representative, sign up for a recurring newsletter and even ask questions through a Q&A chat feature. 

Capabilities used:

    • Webinar
    • Resource List
    • Webinar CTAs
    • Book-a-Meeting CTA
    • Q&A chat
    • Survey

Texthelp sets new MQL records


Texthelp provides organizations with assistive technology that helps people read, write and research with confidence. To help organizations understand how they can take advantage of assistive technology and boost DE&I initiatives, Texthelp set up webinars using the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform.

With the ON24 platform’s webinar capabilities, Texthelp could set up engaging, interactive digital experiences to help the Texthelp team understand where attendees were in the buying journey and accelerate purchasing paths accordingly. 

In fact, with ON24-powered webinars, Texthelp converted more 70% of registrants to one event into marketing qualified leads. To do this, the team used interactive elements such as CTA tools, polls and peer-to-peer chat to foster audience participation. Not only that, but attendees could collect certifications after meeting certain criteria within the event. 

With its intelligently designed events, and the context provided by first-party data, Texthelp managed to convert — across three events — an average of 92% of registrants into MQLs within 30 days. 

Capabilities used:

    • Webinars 
    • Certification 
    • Survey 
    • Webinar CTAs
    • Book-a-Meeting CTA

TOPdesk hosts twelve tips of Christmas


TOPdesk is a leading service management platform helping IT teams manage workloadsTOPdesk and effectively resolve tech issues. But IT management doesn’t mean TOPdesk doesn’t get into the holiday spirit.  

In fact, for one webinar, it fully embraced the theme with its twelve-tips-of-Christmas webinar series. Each webinar within this series was short but compact so that viewers could receive and process bite-sized information while looking forward to the next “Tip of Christmas.”

With the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform, TOPdesk can easily set up and personalize webinars to keep audiences engaged and entertained. For example, the TOPdesk host could share her screen, answer questions through the Q&A chat and alert attendees to additional content they can use in the resource list. 

The end result: a merry way to put a bow on IT management in 2023. 

Capabilities used:

    • Webinars
    • Resource lists
    • Q&A chat