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Feature Friday: ON24 Multi-Registration for Webinars

July 26th, 2019 Stephanie Dang

Bet you can’t have just one … webinar! Audiences crave your work, so keep them engaged by consistently offering them great content. A webinar series, for example, not only extends content journeys but also ensures audiences continue to connect with you. Your program should be ready for those opportunities with multi-registration for webinars.

Multi-registration puts more of your content into the hands of your audience — giving them the opportunity to become more invested in your brand. Additionally, interactions from all multi-registration webinars are counted toward the ON24 Engagement Score, giving you a detailed look into each attendee’s interests. By providing more webinars and content, you’re setting yourself up for efficient lead nurturing and follow-up.

Where Multi-Registration for webinars Fits Into Your Program

For those of you who have a webinar series, or a theme, you’d like to share with audiences, ON24’s multi-registration feature is the tool you need. Multi-registration reduces barriers to registration by allowing registrants to sign up for more than one webinar at a time.

Better yet, it’s easy to use.

How To Use Multi-Registration

Within the workflow of event setup, head to “registration” in Webcast Elite, click on “options” and click through to “go to multi-registration setup” to get started. ON24 users can create a new multi-registration page, or edit an existing template, and add or remove webinars as related content. Registration pages can also be easily customized to match your brand for a consistent audience experience with an image, abstract, speaker bio(s), banner and more.

Drive higher registration and attendance with multi-registration — it only takes a few simple steps. And, with ON24 Connect’s robust network of integration partners in the industry, registration, attendance and engagement data can seamlessly feed into your CRM or marketing automation platform. With an integrated technologies, you can simplify lead scoring, trigger actions and automate workflows.

If you’d like to learn more about ON24 Webcast Elite and all the tools that support efficient and effective audience engagement, please feel free to contact us. If you’re an ON24 customer, learn more about multi-registration pages in the Knowledge Center.