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New at ON24: Automated Captioning Controls, Expanded Journey Controls and Much More!

May 22nd, 2020 Stephanie Dang

The ON24 platform continues to help you engage audiences no matter where they are and the content consumption journey they’re on. With our latest product release, we have added exciting enhancements that enable you to better capture audience attention and engage prospects and customers. Here’s a bit of what to expect:

Added Flexibility with New Automated Captioning Controls

Last year, we introduced the ability to add automated captions with translation capabilities to your on-demand and simulive webinars— enabling you to not only reach those who are hearing impaired but also a global audience without needing to recreate webinars in multiple languages.

With this release, you can leverage new automated captioning controls to activate or deactivate each on-demand caption file per webinar, giving you more flexibility on when captions should appear. When the event is available on-demand and after the captions are automatically created, webinar producers have the ability to select which captions should or should not be shown to audience members. This allows you more time to review or edit these captions before they are released. Additionally, you can select which captions are needed for particular audiences.

For example, you can display English, French and Vietnamese captions, or even decide to not display one or any at all—but still have the files to use later.

Continue Ongoing Content Journeys and Capture Feedback Through Post-Live Engagement

We’ve made enhancements to the Call-to-Action (CTA) tool so you can continue to move prospects and customers through to curated content experiences or to capture feedback simultaneously.

If you have a CTA and a survey set to appear at the end of a live webinar, both can be displayed to catch attendees when they’re most engaged. The post-live survey will be shown as an overlay on top of the CTA—so audience members see a sneak peek—and after submittal, the CTA(s) will be fully revealed. With these post-live tools working together, users can easily capture audience interest and intent.

For both post-live CTAs and CTAs in the audience console for any type of webinar, we’ve also added the ability to auto-register attendees to a customized content landing page built with ON24 Target. By auto-registering, eliminate any redundant forms so attendees can easily and seamlessly access all the content in your page—no need for audiences to fill out their information again while you still gather audience engagement and content consumption details. By removing barriers, your prospects and customers can and will consume more content.

Securely Inform All Stakeholders of Webinar Success

We’ve added new reporting features to securely and easily inform all stakeholders—internal and external—of webinar performance. With new Report Access Permissions, grant and/or revoke report access to and from any external stakeholders, such as partners, or internal team members without designated ON24 accounts. Simply add or remove each stakeholder’s email address in the permissions list. With these permission options, only those that you select will receive the unique link to review your reports.

And with this release comes a ton more to help you grow and scale your digital experiences! Be sure to check out our Webinar Best Practices Series for tips and tricks to optimize your programs.