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Meet ON24: James Springhetti, Director of Expansion Sales

March 15th, 2024 ON24

Meet James Springhetti, Director of Expansion Sales part of the North America Expansion Sale team, based out of California! Read on to find out about some of his favorite memories while at ON24, how his career development has evolved since being with the company, and what famous icons he would choose to have dinner with!

James S feature

What is your position and what team are you a part of at ON24?

Director of Expansion Sales, part of the North America Expansion Sales Team.

How did you hear about ON24, and what drew you to join?

I heard about ON24 through a friend and HR colleague, Meredith Kay. She and I go back to a few companies together and have worked closely with each other. We developed trust through working on many new hires and recruiting and when she casually mentioned potential opportunities at ON24, I knew I had to listen. What drew me in were the people and leadership along with the potential to sell an industry-leading product with strong brand recognition. 

How long have you been with ON24?

Exactly two years 😊 

How has ON24 evolved since the time you joined?

Since joining, I have seen several new products and enhancements which are extremely exciting to present to existing customers. Products like Forums, Go-Live and Enterprise Ehub have strong product market fit in my segment and our customers are loving additional functionality to enable more demand generation and revenue growth.  

What have been some of your favorite projects you have worked on at ON24?

The evolution of expanding my team and focusing up market on larger accounts has been exciting, challenging and rewarding. I love to see my team develop and rise to the occasion in the face of new challenges. It has been rewarding to be a part of this evolution with the team. 

 How has ON24 helped you with your career development?

ON24 has helped me to develop by improving my pace of operation and problem-solving. Working with customers inherently poses challenges and problems that require deep thinking and strategic moves. It is a game of chess every day. I have seen myself grow professionally as a result.

 What has been your favorite ON24 memory?

 We did a team QBR in San Diego, my current hometown. I got to share all the things I love about San   Diego with my team while seeing them present strong business plans along the way.

 What excites you most about ON24’s future?

 As AI continues to get better and more accessible every day, I am excited to see how we can leverage AI into our platform to create even more value for our customers.

What is unique about ON24?

I truly believe no other digital marketing platform can consistently deliver the quality of leads our platform creates.

 If you could switch your role with anyone else in the company, who would it be and why?

 No one. I truly enjoy my team and working with them every day.

Why should those in the Sales field be interested in joining ON24?

You will learn so much about marketing, Martech, how to use data to make informed campaign decisions and how to sell multiple products at different entry points. We are in a competitive space, so you’ll learn how to position how our solution creates incremental business value, not just media on a screen.

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Living in San Diego spoils us with some of the best Mexican food you can find north of the border. It may sound funny but give me a breakfast burrito with hashbrowns any time of the day and I’m a happy camper. 

 If you were a superhero, what power would you choose to have? 

 Is time travel a superpower? If so, definitely time travel. Endless possibilities with that one…

 If you could pick three famous people/icons to have dinner with, who would you pick?

Lebron James…we are the same age, and he has somehow maintained how to be cool. Maybe some of that would wear off on me.

Ferdinand Magellan…circumnavigation in the 1500s would be an interesting dinner conversation…