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How UK Finance Promotes Charity Fraud Awareness With ON24 Target

February 5th, 2020 Tiffany Beddow

Everyone has their passions — including businesses. For UK Finance, that passion to help prevent charities from falling victim to fraud. But charity fraud prevention is a specialized topic — one that likely won’t reach its maximum potential audience through a single campaign.

To tackle this problem, UK Finance decided to approach Charity Fraud Awareness Week, an annual event involving more than 40 charities, with a long-term vision in mind. UK Finance decided to it was time to engage and educate a broader audience. So, it needed a cohesive, memorable digital experience to realize its goal.

Instead of having content scattered across its website, UK Finance decided to use ON24 Target to aggregate assets and create a one-stop-shop for upcoming daily live stream sessions as well as a centralized resource for helps sheets and case studies. UK Finance also decided that the experience would not only support Charity Fraud Awareness Week but also become an on-demand resource charity that could turn to year-round.

“With ON24 Target, it was easy for me to create a uniquely branded, digital event experience in only a matter of weeks. What’s even better is that it now continues to provide value to our members year-round, on-demand.” – Kristen McDougall, Digital Learning Manager, UK Finance

With the flexibility and ease of use of ON24 Target, UK Finance produced its Charity Fraud Awareness experience and drove more than 1,000 registrants in less than a month. Discover how you can make Target work for you by clicking on this link.