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How AVEVA Tripled Pipeline and Deepened Global Customer Relationships

March 31st, 2021 Jade Shojaee

 AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software needed to capture the attention of Chief Experience Officers, department heads, directors and managers from around the world.

In the past, the company would host  its annual event in person to showcase its innovative technology solutions and collaborate on how best to prepare for the year ahead.  But that was not possible in 2020. To compensate, AVEVA’s marketing team created, “AVEVA World Digital: Agile Opportunities in Our Reconnecting World.”

This two-day event featured interactive, virtual panel discussions, breakout sessions and keynote presentations from industry leaders across the globe, powered by ON24 Webcast Elite. Attendees were able to ask questions in real-time, participate in polls and virtually network with industrial industry experts also attending the live event.

The result? The team more than tripled (from 800 to 2,778 registered customers and prospects) their benchmark registration count and beat the Industry Gold Standard of 56%.

According to Alexandra Jordan, Senior Regional Marketing Manager, AVEVA events typically only attract only a small percentage of new prospects but AWD delivered 915 (33%) prospect registrants that were brand new contacts to AVEVA.

Fueled by a multi-channel promotion strategy, the event landing page received 25,000 visits in the four weeks leading up to the event with a whopping 25% registration conversion rate. It also drove 77.6K in social media impressions over two days and gained 161 new followers.

Sessions were embedded on a branded ON24 Target landing page which allowed attendees to filter for the content most relevant to their interests, empowering them to build their own personalized event tracks. Additional content offers were also made available within each experience so audiences could easily continue their journey within the event and with the AVEVA brand.

This made it possible for the AVEVA team to track the digital body language of its guests during and after the event to better understand the unique interests of its guests and more effectively tailor follow-up communication.

More than 3,700 leads were captured, scored and transferred to the sales team the day after the event. From strategy to execution, AVEVA’s global customer event was a huge success bringing in net new business and deepening relationships with customers around the world.