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How a Targeted Experience Helped ADP Drive 401(k) Enrollments

January 22nd, 2020 Michael Mayday

When it comes to consuming content online, audiences want options. They want podcasts, videos, how-to guides, blog posts and more. And, by and large, organizations are eager to develop those options.

But providing audiences with a wealth of content isn’t enough. Content needs to be contextual, address an audience’s needs and provide them with an experience they trust. That’s why ON24 Target is so powerful: it enables organizations to deliver content with context and address an audience’s specific needs.

Take ADP, a leading human capital management company, for example. ADP offers a suite of tools and services to companies needing Human Resources support. One of its services facilitates 401(k) enrollments so employees can prepare for retirement. It’s an important step for any employee, but making an informed decision and enrolling in a plan requires a lot of information.

To condense and share this information, ADP uses webinars. But not all employees have the time or patience for an extended digital event and instead prefer instant access to all 401(k)-related resources and content. To meet the demand of this audience, ADP decided to use ON24 Target.

With its ON24 Target page, ADP could consolidate, condense and share its 401(k)-related resources in an easy-to-access experience for new plan participants. All participants needed to do is click a link and a newly-crafted experience would provide them with various self-education options.

ADP’s ON24 Target page included an on-demand benefit overview webinar, upcoming live webinar sign-ups (including guided expert events), content addressing the most commonly asked questions and more. ADP even included a direct call to action that allowed visitors to enroll in its 401(k) plans immediately. As a result, ADP has seen the number of enrollments in its plans increase.

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