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Feature Friday: Dynamic Content, Web Page Embed and More!

January 29th, 2021 Ryan Balke

At ON24, we are focused on building the tools and features that make it easier for you to extend your audience’s content journeys.

We are excited to announce the introduction of Dynamic Content in ON24 Engagement Hub. Powered by the ON24 AI Engine, Dynamic Content creates a personalized experience for each individual audience member.

This month’s release also includes new styling and customization options for Engagement Hub categories, as well as new lightbox viewing support for web pages in ON24 Target.


We’re helping you deliver a personalized experience with the introduction of dynamic content, which leverages an ON24 AI Engine and machine learning techniques.


Leverage ON24’s content recommendation engine to display personalized content to your audience

Dynamic content is activated in the hero section of the Engagement Hub hero layout. When enabled, Dynamic Content presents returning visitors with new content based on what they’ve previously watched, read or registered for.


In this release, one of our driving factors was helping users better organize and present content that keeps audiences engaged. To make that possible, we’re giving marketers more freedom to customize and configure their individual category pages.


The traditional look and feel of Engagement Hub categories

Traditionally, category pages feature a full-width header image with all content displayed below in a tile format. Now, you can modify both the header section of a category page, as well as the main content section where your assets are displayed. Here is an example below:

There are lots of ways to customize your category pages, including a half-width intro with listed content

This particular view works well when you want to display serialized content like video or webinar series, product training or showcase on-demand event tracks.

Category groups improve your content findability


In October 2020, we delivered a more consistent and immersive viewing experience for ON24 Target content experience pages. The update  created a seamless way for audiences to view on-demand webinars and PDFs in a lightbox directly within the Target experience without leaving the page.

With this release, we have added that same immersive viewing experience for web pages in Target content experience pages.

We’ve made a lot of other additions to both Engagement Hub and Target in this release, so be sure to check out the release notes for the full rundown.