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ON24 Products: How ON24 Target Helps You Hit the Personalization Bullseye

June 4th, 2019 Stephanie Dang

Put your buyer hat on and ask yourself one question: what influences you to buy today? Likely, the content experience with a brand guide you more than anything else. Think of consumer-focused companies like Amazon, Netflix, Nike and ClassPass; brands that win by delivering personalized and captivating experiences.

Consumers feel connected because these brands cater to them at every turn, from showing “what you might also like” to quick and attentive customer support and opportunities to engage with the brand. B2B clients and prospects deserve the same experience.

According to Salesforce Research’s second annual State of the Connected Customer, 82 percent of business buyers want a consumer-esque experience when buying for business. When targeting prospects or connecting with current customers, you can’t forget about what drives their decisions.

Let’s take a look at the numbers and see what buyers demand.

B2B Buying By The Numbers

Seventy-three percent of business-to-business buyers expect more personalized experiences and want the same level of hyper-personalized service as they receive in business-to-consumer mediums. Nearly half of buyers are looking for personalized content portals (Showpad, 2018).

Content portals combine personalization with accessibility, simplifying the buying process and making the purchase decision quicker and easier. What’s clear is that hyper-personalization, where brands deploy content and campaigns tailored for each customer based on interest and behavioral data, drives successful audience engagement.

Consumer-focused brands are known for their ability to serve campaigns and content based on buyer interest and previous interaction. That same thinking and methodology can be applied when targeting business buyers. Understanding what your audience cares about can better inform the content you produce and provide them along their buyer journey.

The Personalization Problem

While marketers agree that personalized experiences are important and necessary, they also say personalization is one of their biggest challenges. Factors such as time to produce and difficulties with design prevent marketers from delivering the experience that they know their buyers expect. Understanding what your audience cares about can better inform the content you produce and provide to them along their buyer journey.

Building Better Experiences

To help marketers scale personalized experiences for their audiences, ON24 created ON24 Target. ON24 Target offers tools and capabilities that make it easy to create personalized experiences in a few simple steps:

    • Design/Layout: Build personalized content experiences within minutes. Select and customize content layouts and easily drag and drop content to get the experience page exactly how you want it.
    • Select the Right Content: ON24 Target offers Content Performance Metrics such as viewing time, unique visitors and top viewer job titles. These insights are brought directly into the experience builder so marketers choose the right pieces of content for their target audience, enabling them to effectively deliver the personalization that buyers expect.
    • Engage Audiences: Once a page is built, your target accounts and prospects can easily engage with you content by rating it, commenting, or clicking on customized CTAs, allowing them to seamlessly connect with your brand or sales teams.
    • Track Interactivity: Similar to how consumer-focused brands serve content based on interactions, ON24 Target enables you to see how audiences engage with your content experiences and use that data to continually improve and optimize the content and experiences you build.

ON24 Target not only delivers a customized and highly-personalized content experience, but also makes the entire process incredibly easy—enabling marketers to scale their personalization efforts, shorten sales cycles and generate better leads.

Want to learn more about how you can create and deliver personalized experiences? Watch the ON24 Target product demo now!