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Coming Soon: Webinars and Virtual Events that Rocked 2022

Webinars that Rocked 2022 announcement

There are digital events — your commonplace webinars, your usual virtual conferences — and then there are digital events that rock. These are the events you remember. The ones you keep returning to because the content is top-notch, the design is captivating and, frankly, because you want to steal it for yourself.

But what makes them so engaging? Is it a webinar console? The way the virtual event was planned? Was the entertainment surprising and memorable?

Want to see some rockin’ webinars in action? Check out The Webinars That Rocked 2021 and start planning for next year! [Watch Now]

To us, the answer is “a little bit of everything.” The best digital events stand out because they seamlessly incorporate each element — from engagement and interactivity to video production and design — throughout the entire event. The result: a digital experience you (perhaps shockingly) love and a brand you remember.

But reaching the pinnacle of digital engagement takes a good plan, hard work and a whole lot of inspiration.

So, where can you go to get inspired? Where can you bear witness the year’s best digital events — from webinars and summits to full-bore virtual conferences — and start planning for your upcoming event season?

The answer, of course, is at our annual awards show, “The Webinars And Virtual Events That Rocked.

Register for the webinars and virtual events that rocked 2022 now.

What Are The Webinars and Virtual Events That Rocked?

Simple: “The Webinars and Virtual Events That Rocked 2021” is our list of the top webinar, digital event, virtual conference and overall engaging digital experiences hosted on the ON24 Platform during 2022.

But we’re not the ones who go out and identify these stand-out events — you are. For every edition of Webinars That Rocked, we invite you — the audience — to identify the digital experiences that impressed you (or that you’re really, really proud of) and explain why.

Okay. How Do We Participate?

Rack your brain and think of all the webinars, virtual conferences, content hubs and digital experiences you saw (or created) in 2022. Identify the ones that stood out to you (you can make as many submissions as you’d like) and plug them into this form.

Here are a few items to have prepared for speed-up submissions:

    • Enter your work emails to start the submission process.
    • Tell us whether the submission is either a webinar experience, content hub, virtual conference or other digital experience.
    • Have the title of the experience you’re submitting — and a link to it — handy.
    • Give us three reasons why this experience stood out or why you’re proud of it (if you’re submitting your own event).
    • Let your nominee know!

And that’s it! From there, we’ll whittle down the list of submissions and identify the finalists. Stay tuned for more information on “The Webinars and Virtual Events That Rocked 2021” and get your submissions ready. We’ll see you on Dec. 13!

Register for the webinars and virtual events that rocked 2022 now.