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New at ON24: New Advanced Layout, Chatbot Integration and Much More!

April 24th, 2020 Stephanie Dang

ON24 Target and ON24 Engagement Hub experiences are getting some major upgrades through our latest product innovation release. We have baked in more engagement opportunities and design flexibility so you can deliver even more personalized and immersive experiences that increase content consumption and accelerate buyer journeys. Here are some of the latest highlights:

New Chatbot Integration Drives Direct Audience Engagement

Today’s buyers move quickly, from researching solutions to making purchase decisions. And with 80% of B2B buyers expecting real-time communication, it’s more important than ever to continually engage with audiences to effectively lead them through the buyer journey.

We are thrilled to announce new chatbot integrations across Target content landing pages and Engagement Hubs. With this new addition, marketers can now establish a direct connection that drives personalized and direct conversation. The first chatbot integration we’re offering with this release is with Drift, the chatbot market leader, with more to come soon.

So why do this? Because the more you can engage your audience, the more insight you have into their interest and intent. That’s why we are committed to providing you with all the tools to connect with them directly. Powered with these new integrations, you have the opportunity to build a unique content path, promote upcoming events and capture registration, or connect audiences with sales team members and accelerate buyer journeys.

New Page Layout and Added Styling Capabilities

Next, we’re introducing a new Target page layout with more design and customization flexibility. Featuring a hero image, page header and added design options, this new layout is purpose-built for engagement and empowering you to deliver the right content at the right time to targeted audiences or accounts. Not only can you add and customize a background image to go along with your featured content, but you can also include action buttons to lead audiences to consume content or register for upcoming events and additional copy to capture attention.

We’ve also added new styling capabilities available for all Target layouts. New capabilities include configuring font families, newly designed thumbnails and other design features to help you fine-tune your entire experience.

Extending Content Support with YouTube and Vimeo

Increase views and extend the life of content already hosted in your online video-sharing platforms by adding YouTube and Vimeo videos into your Engagement Hub and Target pages. No need to have the original video file and easily increase views of each online video.

Be sure to check out our Webinar Best Practices Series for tips and tricks to create engaging digital experiences. And keep checking back in for more enhancements and new tools!