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Announcing ON24’s 2018 Webinar Benchmarks Report

April 26th, 2018 Michael Mayday

Looking for the latest in webinar benchmarks? Check out the 2019 Webinar Benchmarks Report right here or get our top-level takeaways right here.

Time and time again, webinars are listed as one of the content formats most preferred by prospective buyers. It’s easy to understand why. Quality webinars engage, inform and disseminate content to an interested audience. But what are the best practices for a webinar? The answers reside in our 2018 Webinar Benchmarks Report.

This year’s benchmarks report examined nearly 20,000 ON24-based webinars conducted during 2017. The result is a guide to webinar standards, best practices and new trends as well as a comparative marker for ongoing webinar programs.

Looking for few key takeaways? Here’s a taste of the facts figures you’ll learn:

  • 56 minutes: the average attendee time spent in a live webinar
  • 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. EST): the best time to hold an event
  • 44 minutes: the average time spent in an on-demand webinar
  • 44 percent: the average conversion rate for webinars with more than 100 attendees
  • Q&A: the most-used widget on the ON24 webinar platform
  • 22: the percent of webinars featuring video

But this report is more than a list of numbers to abide by. It’s a map to help you bring one-to-one communications to a digital scale. Adding a personable, engaging touch to digital communications is especially important in an era where distractions and alternative solutions are easy to come by. Today, engagement matters more than ever.

Generating engagement and nurturing trust are two reasons why webinars stand out from other forms of content. In fact, according to Demand Generation’s 2018 Content Survey Report, 48 percent of respondents said webinars were both their top choice and most valuable content format during the mid-stage of their buying journey. What’s more, 75 percent of respondents in the same report also said they’d share more information to gain access to content in a webinar.

As a single tool to generate pipeline, revenue and actionable insights for sales, it’s hard to surpass a webinar. But for generating trust and actually engaging with your audience, there’s no competition. Stop interrupting your prospects and start engaging with them with ON24.

For more insights into how to make the most of your webinars and to maximize engagement, download ON24’s 2018 Webinar Benchmarks Report and watch the corresponding on-demand webinar for more best practices.