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Announcing ON24 Breakouts

April 28th, 2021

The foundation of ON24 are the rich, interactive, multimedia experiences our customers create. With these experiences, organizations across the globe have scaled interactions and conversations, created powerful systems of engagement and have driven both pipeline and revenue growth.

But we have seen a growing need to take digital engagement to the next level. The need and want to take digital experiences and use them to build a more human connection over virtual channels. 

So, we decided to take The ON24 platform to the next level with ON24 Breakouts.

What Is ON24 Breakouts?

ON24 Breakouts, currently in beta, provides ON24 users with additional options and flexibility to generate more audience engagement. It does so by creating a virtual breakout room — a two-way audio and video environment — within a digital experience.

These breakout rooms, which can host up to 50 attendees at once, empower event hosts to create intimate virtual environments where attendees can network, collaborate and participate in a more exclusive setting then they would experience within a larger digital event.

To enter a Breakouts room, all an attendee needs to do is simply click into the experience from a live webinar when prompted. Once in, attendees can talk with a host or with each other as if they were in the same room. No software necessary.

How Does ON24 Breakouts Help My Team?

ON24 Breakouts provides your team with the ability to create breakout sessions within digital events while both maintaining your brand experience and capturing rich engagement data.

This provides your team with more engagement opportunities, allowing you to build out a fuller picture of your attendees, their needs and concerns, and help accelerate prospects further down the funnel.

Ways you can use Breakouts Rooms can include:

    • Enabling peer-to-peer networking
    • Providing a customized experience for different audiences within your webinar
    • Moderated Q&A sessions with real two-way conversations
    • Immediate 1:1 sales meeting to accelerate deals even faster

There are a lot of ways you can use it!

But creating a truly interactive digital experience is just one element to consider. ON24 Breakouts also collects engagement data, like minutes viewed and breakout room participants, to help your sales team to continue the conversation and drive deals to close.

What Else Can ON24 Breakouts Do?

Here are a few additional things to know about ON24 Breakouts:

Flexibility in Breakouts Creation
Host up to 10 breakouts per webinar, with up to 50 participants per breakout. No clunky processes or downloads are necessary for either moderators or breakout participants.

Easy Transition from Webinars to Breakouts
Attendees can easily go from live, simulive or sim2live webinars to breakout rooms to provide a singular, easy-to-use experience for presenters and audiences alike. Attendees can seamlessly enter breakouts from a webinar and also just as easily return to the webinar in progress.

Incorporate Design Elements
Incorporate colors and backgrounds from the webinar to create and deliver a consistent brand experience.

Phone and Tablet Support *COMING*
Enable audiences on mobile phone or tablet to connect and interact in ON24 Breakouts.

When Can I Access ON24 Breakouts?

ON24 Breakouts is currently in a limited beta for ON24 Webcast Elite. General availability is currently scheduled for the summer of 2021 and will be made available in both Webcast Elite and ON24 Virtual Conference.

Want to see ON24 Breakouts in action? Click the image below to sign up for our demo.