Introducing ON24 Breakouts

Steph Dang, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, ON24
Mike Lin, Director of Product Management, ON24
In a digital world, nothing is more important than the connections we make and the relationships we build. But sparking meaningful two-way conversations within virtual events or webinars can be a real challenge. Not anymore.
Join us for “Introducing ON24 Breakouts,” a demo webinar featuring the latest addition to the ON24 product portfolio. ON24 Breakouts makes it possible to connect speakers, attendees and sales teams with two-way experiences for deeper engagement and higher conversion.
During this session you’ll learn how to leverage ON24 Breakouts to:
  • Bridge the marketing and sales relationship and hand off leads to sales for 1:1 discussions.
  • Generate peer-to-peer networking opportunities at virtual events or training sessions.
  • Create a unique brand experience and deeper connections between speakers or subject matter experts and audiences.
It’s time to scale our virtual events from the many to the one. Watch now.

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