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Announcing Fix My Funnel: A Five-Stage Program to Patch Your Pipeline and Revitalize Your Revenue

March 15th, 2021 Tessa Barron

This blog post is the first in our Fix My Funnel program. Join us for a series of webinars, workshops and exclusive one-on-one sessions with today’s leading B2B marketers, as well as being able to download playbooks, best practice guides and more!

Being a B2B marketer is hard work. The ON24 marketing team and I know the pain.

As marketers, we always want to hit our target. But sometimes, the funnels we design and the models we create fail to deliver the goods.

That campaign that got a truckload of form fills generates no opportunities. The creative that worked last year got barely a click. The qualified leads and accounts we send to sales — the leads that met all the criteria we agreed upon — have no interest in scheduling a call.

All the while, sales and management keep up the pressure to keep delivering pipeline, as if it’s something we can just turn on easily.

This sucks. We all know what to do in theory, but in practice, our best-laid plans simply aren’t delivering.

We ask ourselves questions, but find ourselves at a loss. Was it the content? The volume of sends? Is our data clean and matched with accurate information?

But here’s the good news. Rather than bang our head against the wall, we’ve teamed up with some of the best B2B marketers from the MarTech Marketplace to discover how we can all take a step back, take a good look at the entire buying process, and figure out how to fix our funnels.

What’s the Fix My Funnel program?

Fix My Funnel is a five-stage program to help you figure out where your funnel is failing and how to turn it into a revenue machine.

Every two weeks, we’ll cover a fix that will allow you to take the actions to regain control of your buying process. Each fix will feature an expert-led webinar or workshop along with downloadable guides, playbooks and on-demand sessions to bring you up to speed.

Fixes on the program cover:

  • How to use buyer intelligence and data to find what they really want.
  • How to energize your engagement through excellent experiences.
  • Inspiration from top CMOs and marketing leaders at top MarTech companies.
  • An interactive, predictable pipeline workshop.
  • How to bring it all together for go-to-market success.

In addition, a lucky few will get the chance to connect one-on-one with the ON24 team (including yours truly) to discuss the fault lines in your funnel, as well as an invite to a virtual roundtable where you can connect with your peers.

Who is it for?

Fix My Funnel is for anyone in B2B marketing, revenue or operations functions.

In particular, it will be useful for those looking to get the most value out of data, tech and their existing engagement.

Even if your funnel is working well right now, the tips and actions we’ll share will help you to keep it operating at peak performance. You’ll also have the chance to develop a personalized playbook during one of our workshops, with the earliest registrants getting a physical copy mailed to them.

I’m sold! How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up for the first webinar in the FixMyFunnel series, where you’ll be given everything you need to diagnose, repair and optimize your B2B marketing efforts.