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ON24 business interest cloud terms

  1. These ON24 Business Interest Cloud Terms (these “BIC Terms”) govern Client’s participation in and use of the ON24 Business Interest Cloud feature (the “BIC Feature”), which is also subject to the written agreement(s) (including any addenda and amendments thereto) between the parties related to Client’s use of the Services. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the ON24 Universal Terms and Conditions, located at
  2. Client’s participation in and use of the BIC Feature is ongoing unless and until Client terminates its participation in the BIC Feature in accordance with these BIC Terms.
  3. For purposes of these BIC Terms:
    (i) “Business Interest Data” means information (which may include personal data) relating to End User preferences, interests, registration details, and participation history at Events (including the content of such Events), which has been collected on behalf of Participating Clients (defined below) related to their respective End Users.
    (ii) “Insights” means information about topics, content and Events that an End User may be interested in.
    (iii) “End User” means an Attendee who has registered for or attended one or more Events.
  4. To provide the BIC Feature, ON24 will aggregate Business Interest Data from the End Users of Client and other participating ON24 clients (each, a “Participating Client”), in order to provide Participating Clients with Insights relating solely to their respective End Users. ON24 will not provide access to or disclose the Business Interest Data to any Participating Client or third party (including Client or another ON24 client), other than its agents, service providers, vendors and subcontractors, acting on ON24’s behalf, or where otherwise required by applicable law.
  5. ON24 will not disclose to Participating Clients any contact details, IP address, device ID or other identifiers of End Users, the names or identities of other Participating Clients, or any Event names or content.
  6. Participating Clients are prohibited from (i) re-identifying or attempting to re-identify any other Participating Clients, (ii) disclosing all or any portion of the Insights or any characteristics derived from the Insights to any third parties, and (iii) using the Insights for any purpose other than to consider other Events that may be of interest to its End Users. Client’s use of the BIC Feature and Insights – including any emails, recommendations or other communications to End Users – must comply with all applicable laws including, but not limited to, privacy, security, marketing and data processing laws, rules and regulations. With respect to Client’s use of the BIC Feature and any processing of personal data of Client’s End Users related to the BIC Feature, Client (A) instructs ON24 to collect, use and otherwise process personal data in order to provide the BIC Feature to Client, (B) will provide notice to and obtain consent from End Users where required by applicable laws, and (C) is responsible for responding to any requests from End Users to exercise their rights (including access) with respect to their personal data that has been collected, used or otherwise processed as a part of the BIC feature.
  7. Client may terminate its participation in the BIC Feature at any time by emailing a termination request to ON24 shall effect such a termination and provide confirmation of the same via reply email within 5 business days of its receipt of a withdrawal request. If Client cancels or terminates its participation in the BIC Feature, ON24 will cease processing and remove the Business Interest Data collected from Client as part of the Business Interest Cloud, except that ON24 may retain any anonymized data derived from the Business Interest Data, provided it does not identify Client or any End User.