Webinars are Cost-efficient and Easier to Distribute

Much like the private sector, government organizations are faced with the challenge of communicating to a broad number of constituencies in a timely and cost-effective way. In the case of many internal events, this challenge is compounded by the need to ensure the security and confidentiality of presentations and content.


Government agencies are increasingly turning to virtual communications to lower the cost and expand the availability of public and private events, and internal training. Increasing government efficiency with ON24 virtual communications.

Why ON24?

Increased Communications, Lower Cost
ON24 webcasting and virtual events address the unique requirements associated with the production and delivery of public sector program content. Utilizing virtual communications solutions, government agencies can lower costs, securely meet the requirements of mandated E-Government initiatives, and increase public & private access to state and federal events.

Government Applications for Virtual Communications:

Conferences and Events:
Increase the attendance, while lowering the cost, at government-led conferences and events by integrating ON24 webcasting and virtual show solutions. They can be customized to enforce access rules and security requirements and provide a high-quality platform for presentations and content.

Public Communications/Outreach:
There is a steady demand for government agencies to provide increased public access and community outreach. ON24 webcasting brings government organizations the ability to create low-cost public events and presentations that can be easily accessed by all of their constituents. With interactive applications such as chat for Q & A sessions and polls and surveys, government presenters can receive real-time public feedback for analysis and response.

Providing quality training to government employees and partners can be a time-consuming and repetitive process. ON24 webcasting makes training more cost-efficient and easier to distribute to multiple employee groups in different locations. By offering on-demand training presentations and materials, government agencies can avoid the inefficient process of constantly re-teaching training classes to the steady stream of new employees.

Town Hall Meetings:
ON24 webcasting and virtual event solutions make it easy to quickly and cost-effectively convene fully interactive town hall meetings to provide regular public communications and solicit feedback and suggestions from the community.

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