ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report: Media and Publishing Trends

The right webinars can grow your subscriber base and increase digital revenue. But promotional timing, engagement tools and post-event webinar metrics all affect the success of a webinar event.

To help you assess your webinar program’s potential, we’ve created the 2019 ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report for Media & Publishing. This report analyzes thousands of media and publishing webinars so you can compare how your programs rank amongst your peers and opportunities to improve.

This report includes:

  • A high-level look at 2018’s top performing webinars
  • Standards for comparative measurement
  • Promotional best practices for webinars
  • Average conversion rates
  • Survey insights into how and why webinar practitioners use webinars

Download the ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report for Media & Publishing to understand how you can accelerate thought leadership and build out real human connections at a digital scale.