2024 Financial Services Digital Engagement Benchmarks

Today’s financial services audiences are not only consuming more digital content, but they are also engaging more deeply with it — regardless of whether a firm’s audience consists of consumers, advisors or institutional investors. But they also increasingly want tailored insights and experiences.

So, how are financial services marketers balancing their ability to scale engagement and content, while also making it relevant to the individual?

Download the “2024 Financial Services Digital Engagement Benchmarks Report,” to understand the current state of digital engagement based on thousands of digital experiences created and delivered by financial services firms across the globe in 2023.

From an analysis of audience engagement across webinars, virtual events and content experiences, you’ll learn:

    • The most significant shifts in engagement with financial content and how to adapt
    • The impact personalization has on performance
    • Benchmarks across webinar, virtual events and content experiences, including attendance, engagement and conversion
    • How AI will transform the future of financial engagement
    • Tips to meet and exceed benchmarks in 2024

Use these insights to make your engagement strategy more intelligent and impactful in 2024 — download now!

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