Webinerd Workshop: Simplify, Standardize and Scale

Scaling a successful webinar program doesn’t mean you have to spend more money or burn through more resources. By templatizing and operationalizing your process, you can actually free up more time to strategize and expand the impact of your programs.

Join us for the #Webinerd Workshop: “Simplify, Standardize and Scale Your Webinar Programs,” to hear how the team at Demandbase built a center of excellence and turned their webinar channel into the company’s number one source of pipeline.

You’ll learn how they:

  • Standardized webinar and email templates to scale the program
  • Optimized for engagement to generate more first-party data
  • Created a “Webinar-in-a-Box” for company-wide access to webinar templates, instructions and resources
  • Integrated engagement data into their SFDC workflow to increase sales velocity

Work smarter, not harder, to scale your webinar programs. Watch now.

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