Wake Up Your Webinars: Fresh Inspiration

Sometimes the only difference between good and great is a little inspiration. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most amazing, high-converting and data-driving webinars, virtual events and content experiences of  the last twelve months to give you ideas and inspiration for the year.

Join us for “Wake Up Your Webinars,” a hybrid webinar on 23 June, 2022 at 10:30am AEST. We’ll be dissecting “Webinars and Virtual Events that Rocked,” from around the world, pinpointing what made each experience so great, and showing you how to implement similar strategies into your programs. You’ll be able to tune in and watch us live from Melbourne, and experience a true hybrid event. 


10:30am – Welcome & Introduction​
10:40am – Digital Experiences that Break the Status Quo ​
11:10am – ‘Wake Up Your Webinar’ Panel ​
11:40am – Going Beyond Webinars for Deeper Audience Engagement​
12:00pm – ‘Ask a #WEBINERD’ – Join us in the Breakout Room

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PS. If you’re in Melbourne join us IN-PERSON! RSVP here. 

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