The State of HCP Customer Experience in Pharma

The global pharmaceutical industry is undergoing rapid change as digital channels become the primary way healthcare providers (HCPs) prefer to interact with brands. While in-person sales visits aren’t going away anytime soon, the growing rise of the digitally-savvy HCP means that all pharma brands must adapt their go-to-market models to meet these changing expectations. 

So, how can commercial marketing leaders transform the customer experience to be HCP-centric? And who is successfully leveraging an omnichannel strategy to drive digital HCP engagement successfully?

To understand this further, DT Consulting, an Indegene Company, and ON24 analyzed how pharmaceutical brands are engaging HCPs and how HCP behavior is shifting across digital channels. 

Key takeaways include:

    • How to leverage digital and physical channels to drive engagement and achieve better outcomes
    • How personalization will be a game changer for the industry
    • How to plan for, and achieve, customer experience success in pharma

It’s time to put HCPs at the center of your omnichannel strategy – download this report to learn how!

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