The Data to Find the Accounts, Content, and Experiences that Convert

Moderator: Andrew Warren-Payne, Market2Marketers

Speakers: Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing, ON24
David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer, NetLine Corporation
Bryan Brown, Chief Strategy Officer, Terminus
Kate Athmer, VP of Growth, Bombora

A marketer’s data is their most powerful, versatile tool in their arsenal. And the better the data, the sharper the spear. But even with the vast volumes of data they have, marketers are always being asked for more from their buyers, their sales reps, and the C-Suite alike.

So how can B2B marketers address these growing expectations? And how can they better utilize their first and third-party data and insights to identify best-fit accounts, the most relevant content, and the most engaging experiences?

Marketers have data. But it’s not simply a matter of delivering more. Now, it’s a matter of delivering something better.

Join experts from NetLine, Terminus, Bombora, and ON24 for “What’s Trending in B2B Marketing?: Use Data to Find the Accounts, Content, and Experiences that Convert,” and learn how to harness the power of data to make 2022 your most successful year yet. In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Key insights backed by analyzing more than 40 million gigabytes of first-party data
  • The data sources to expertly identify the accounts that are most ready to buy
  • Data-driven content to turn anonymous browsers into sales-ready prospects
  • The plays and processes to keep your funnel flowing and sales reps closing

Use your data to create the exceptional. Watch now!

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