On-Demand Webinar

When  PFL and ON24 join forces, you know you’re in for a great digital experience. The same goes for the fun, fresh sushi that renowned chef and culinary entertainer, John Hoffman serves up for his audiences. So, in the spirit of synergy (and sushi) we’re bringing together the best of all worlds. 

Attend “That’s How We Roll: A Sushi-making Experience,” for an unforgettable 75 minutes where you’ll learn how to create mouthwatering sushi from the comfort of your home. From basic maki rolls to new age delicacies – food, fun and flare meet the ON24 and PFL at this unique event brought to digital life. 

Whether you’re creating cooking demos or product demos, ON24 and PFL can help you create engaging tactical and digital experiences your audiences will love. 

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