Take Your Open Days to the Next Level

Remote classes, virtual networking and digital open days? They’re all a part of the university experience now. 

But it’s not enough to simply have a digital presence. Institutions must drive more results from the digital tools they already use — but how? 

On 24th March, Mark Bornstein, ON24’s VP of Content and Chief #WEBINERD, sits down with Rebecca Bowery, Senior Marketing Executive from University of Leeds, to discuss how universities can drive more results from the digital experiences they produce.

During this webinar, Mark and Rebecca will discuss: 

  • The challenges universities face in a digital-first world — and how they can overcome them 
  • How to use digital experiences, from webinars to content hubs to drive student recruitment
  • Tips and tricks for crafting authentic, personalised and informative content that showcases a uni’s true culture

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