Research in Action: Event Management Vendor Selection Matrix Report

How can you increase ROI from your virtual events in 2024?

According to Research in Action’s interviews with 1500+ marketers, the most successful organizations are those with a platform to not only deliver high-impact experiences but maximize value after they end by driving continuous audience engagement, delivering ongoing insights, and fueling on-demand and AI-generated content.

That’s why ON24 is the global leader on the Research in Action Vendor Selection Matrix, topping the list for both strategy and execution in the Marketing Event Management category.

Read the report to learn more about Research in Action’s findings, including:

    • How virtual events have evolved from tactics to an integral part of integrated marketing and audience engagement
    • The virtual event trends every marketer must know
    • Key criteria for selecting the right platform to power a successful event marketing strategy
    • A deep dive into the capabilities of the most important 15 vendors in this space

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