ON24 Behind the Release: AI, Video & Hybrid Events

Can Chat GPT write my next webinar abstract? What’s the quickest way to create a video? How do hybrid event promotions to in-person attendees work?

To get the answers, join our experts for “ON24 Behind the Release: AI, Video & Hybrid Events,” a live, interactive session focused on helping you use our new generative AI, video editing and hybrid event capabilities to your advantage.

Based on your top questions from this quarter’s ON24 Platform Innovation webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Scale and optimize promotional content with a generative AI text assistant to populate program titles, abstracts, and emails to save time and improve the efficiency of event planning and communication
  • Create new videos and edit existing video clips and webinars with the new Video Creation feature in Media Manager
  • Support your hybrid events with new separate audience workflows and targeted communications for your in-person and virtual audiences

Get ready to use the latest ON24 innovations to your advantage – watch now!

For more details on the Q1’23 ON24 platform release, view the release notes here and watch the on-demand webinar here.

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