ON24 Behind the Release: Activate 24/7 Audience Engagement

News alert!  Our 2024 benchmarks show that on-demand event attendance is continuing to surge, and audiences are more interested in digital certifications than ever before.  

To get a jumpstart on these trends, watch “ON24 Behind the Release: Activate 24/7 Audience Engagement” on-demand with innovations to help you continuously engage, educate and understand your audience, before, during and after each event.  

In this interactive session led by ON24 product experts, you’ll get your questions answered and learn how to: 

  • Enhance your webinar presenters’ experience with slide controls, storyboard and drawing tools 
  • Boost your on-demand webinar engagement with time-based chaptering  
  • Increase flexibility of your certification programs with an on-demand training option  
  • Optimize your lead conversion with a new Calendly call-to-action tool for scheduling meetings 

Get ready to use the latest ON24 innovations to your advantage – watch now! For more details on the January 2024 ON24 platform release, view the release notes here.

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