Create a Data-Driven Event Strategy for a Hybrid World

Speaker: Cheri Hulse, VP of Strategy and Evangelism, ON24

With virtual events, we were able to attract bigger audiences and generate better data than ever. Now that in-person events are making a tentative comeback, marketers are looking for ways to bring both their physical and virtual audiences together and continue to collect valuable first-party data. 

Learn how when you attend “Create a Data-Driven Event Strategy for a Hybrid World,”. During this event, our own VP of Strategy and Evangelism, Cheri Hulse, will provide you with the latest insights on what it means to be data-driven in a hybrid world.

Discussion points include:  

  • How to capture engagement insights from both physical and digital event attendees  
  • The power of first-party data and the most effective ways to action it 
  • How and why to incorporate a hybrid component into your physical events 
  • Hot takes on the future of events and more importantly, the data generated from them  

After the presentation, join us and other marketing leaders as we open the floor for an interactive discussion on how marketers can drive better results in today’s competitive landscape. 

Watch now. 

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