Innovate or Stagnate: How to Drive Change in Marketing

Shifting buying behaviours and heightened expectations have brought businesses to a crossroads: innovate or be left behind.

But once you have a vision for change, how do you make it a reality?

Join Natalie Truong, CMO of Mercer and Callan Young, CMO of ON24 as they share their real-world experience in leading business transformations that turn into tangible plans, get cross-functional support and make a measurable impact.

Key takeaways from this fireside chat include:

  • How Mercer adapted their business model and built a new e-commerce channel
  • Advice for managing transformation initiatives across the business, from concept to execution
  • Ways to get executive buy-in and break through common pitfalls that stand in the way
  • Tips to create a culture of innovation that fosters curiosity, learning and readiness for change

Learn how you can be an agent of change – watch now!

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