Impactful Interactivity: How To Engage, Excite and Convert Your Buyers

Let’s be honest — we’ve all seen marketing that is dull and boring throughout our careers. Whether it’s a live event that sends the audience to sleep, or a white paper that wasn’t worth filling in a form for, there’s too much material that fails to drive engagement. And in a world where online buying behaviour is the norm, marketing that fails to pique interest or drive interaction cannot compete against a barrage of other digital distractions.

So, how can today’s B2B marketers ensure that their marketing stands out and captures attention? Why does interactivity and the resulting data matter? And how can we use interactivity to take the buyer’s journey forward and convert interaction into pipeline?

Get the answers to all these questions and more. Experts from Vidyard, Leadfamly and ON24 will share why interactivity is so important — and how you can put it at the heart of your marketing. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How you can inject interactivity and gamification into all your channels — from email and video, to your website and webinars.
  • How to use interactivity to read your buyer’s digital body language — and how to use the data to offer more relevant and personalised experiences.
  • The steps to turn exciting and engaging experiences into pipeline and revenue.

Make sure your B2B marketing has an impact. Watch the webinar today!

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