Hybrid Events: Ideation, Production and Execution

Last month, we ran a hybrid event (“Wake Up Your Webinars”) and got an overwhelming response from audiences asking…“HOW did you do that?” So, we’re going to show you.

Watch “Hybrid Events: Ideation, Production and Execution,” on-demand, where we’ll give you an exclusive look into what made “Wake Up your Webinars” so successful, AND walk you through how to build, produce and deliver engaging hybrid experiences of your own.

Key takeaways include:

  • Different types of “hybrid” events for different scenarios
  • Registration and post-event follow-up strategies
  • How to capture hybrid engagement data and turn it into action
  • How we grew our audience by 3X and had 23% of attendees asking for a consultation

Engaging hybrid audiences is easier than you think.

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