How to Use Engagement Data to Power Integrated Experiences

Buyer engagement is like a fire. It’s built from moments of excitement, delight, and curiosity into something powerful that inspires new ideas and illuminates better paths forward.

But how do you take action on the interactions of your buyers? How do you use engagement data to inform what happens next, accelerate conversion, and clear the path to revenue?

Join us for a webinar “How to Use Engagement Data to Power Integrated Experiences.” Together with our partners at Drift and Demandbase, you’ll learn:

  • How to capture the different buying signals and actions from different digital channels
  • Best practices for driving multi-channel engagement from webinars, chat, and ABM programs
  • Tips for integrating engagement data into your martech stack
  • Ways to use engagement data to further personalize and accelerate the buying journey

Learn how to ignite the spark of engagement!

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