From Engagement to Enablement: ​B2B Event Experiences in Context

As sales cycles get longer and buying journeys more complex, the stakes to nail every interaction is at an all time high. But how can we make sure we’re reaching the right people on the right channels with the right messaging? The answer is engagement. 

Attend “From Engagement to Enablement: ​B2B Event Experiences in Context,” to learn how to build insights-driven, behavior-based B2B marketing programs that enable buyers, and buying committees, throughout the entire customer lifecycle​. 

Key takeaways include:

  • B2B buyer insights and how those expectations are transforming demand and ABM​
  • Three actions for translating digital engagement to real-time enablement ​
  • How to use buying signals to deliver contextual interactions with immediate value

Turn digital engagement into real-time buyer enablement. 

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