Five Digital Marketing Best Practices to Engage HCPs

A recent study by Indegene finds that healthcare professionals (HCPs) are more digitally savvy than ever before –in fact, almost 70% of HCPs named virtual experiences as their preferred channel for engaging with pharma companies, now outranking in-person meetings.

To help you stay ahead of this trend, read “Five Digital Marketing Best Practices to Engage HCPs” to learn how to quickly create, scale and deliver webinars, virtual events and content experiences that accelerate HCP adoption in a cost-effective way. Download this practical guide to learn how to: 

  • Break through the digital noise with interactive content and resource centers
  • Educate HCPs through online certification courses and learning hubs
  • Build trust with KOL-led webinars and virtual events
  • Scale peer-to-peer discussions and networking across digital channels
  • Find data-driven insights for greater personalization and improved sales follow-up 

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