Fail-Fast, Change-Fast: Short and Long Term Success Strategies

It’s hard to put a long term marketing strategy into place without knowing what the future holds. Marketing today changes by the minute and let’s face it, a “set it and forget it” approach won’t get us very far.

Watch “Fail-Fast, Change-Fast: Short and Long Term Success Strategies” on-demand, featuring Regional Marketing Director, ANZ, Rimini Street, Tania Mushtaq, on her approach to marketing in a faster-than-usual paced world where the only ‘silver bullet’ is to fail fast, and change faster.

This fireside chat will include questions like:

  • How is failure a key component of a successful marketing strategy?
  • How do you balance long term and short term strategy?
  • What’s your advice for marketers wanting to push reset and start in a new direction?

And much more!

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