How CEG Worldwide switched to ON24’s Webcast Elite to launch a weekly webinar series


Delivering engaging webinars, reducing costs and time-to-market

CEG Worldwide provides training, consulting, and research to financial advisors and institutions. CEG services include online and personalized coaching for top financial advisors, brokerage firms and wealth managers. At a time when big brokerage firms were downsizing and consolidating, CEG needed to create more awareness of their services to the financial services community, most of who were not traveling to in-person events. The solution was to create a seminar series aimed at educating financial advisors and industry executives, as well as promoting CEG coaching and training solutions. The webinars were initially delivered using basic conferencing technologies. While these early events drew large audiences, CEG experienced a number of problems with the conferencing tools they were using as their webinar platform, including: slow performance, poor video integration, difficulty with slide management, and limited ability to capture key analytics. Further, most of the conferencing platforms they tried forced viewers to download software to attend the webinar which, especially for many in the financial community, was not permitted as a part of a corporate policy.


ON24 Webcasting Platform 10

In 2012, CEG switched to ON24 to launch a weekly webinar series. Using ON24’s Webcasting Platform 10, CEG was now able to deliver fully customized webinars that featured integrated video, multiple presenters, content downloads, and live Q&A sessions. The webinar series was broadcast live and then immediately posted for on-demand viewing. ON24 Webcasts provided CEG with much greater back-end analytics to help understand the level of interest of their viewers. In addition, using ON24s integration of the Eloqua cloud connector, CEG was able to feed key metrics from each webinar directly into their Salesforce software which increased their response time to valuable prospects and ultimately lead conversion.

To increase lead conversion, CEG also integrated a calendar tool directly into the webinar console that allowed attendees to apply for an in-person “Impact Assessment” as they were viewing the presentation. This enabled CEG to turn the enthusiasm generated by the webinars into scheduled appointments which accelerated sales opportunities.


Professional-quality webinars, Higher Lead Conversion

The CEG 2012 webinar series has been a huge success. After 27 webinars with ON24, CEG has experienced higher registration and attendance rates including a 52% registrant to attendee conversion (industry benchmarks average 40%). The seamless integration of video enabled CEG to deliver engaging webinars with multiple speakers, downloadable content and direct interaction with attendees through live Q&A sessions.

According to CEG Worldwide CEO, John Bowen, the key to the success of their partnership with ON24 is that the technology “always works….We are supporting a lot of events and require a platform that is stable, reliable, and can scale to support large amounts of bandwidth with no problems.”