Autodesk Virtual Partner Training Center


How to Provide Effective Channel Partner Training

Autodesk, a world leader in 2D and 3D design engineering software, utilizes an extensive global team of channel partners to support the company’s expansive line of products and sell into markets worldwide.

Keeping channel partners up-to-date on the latest product news and releases is critical, so Autodesk requires training for its resellers. The training program had consisted previously of a series of close to 20 e-learning classes with an extensive library of training videos. Autodesk trainers recognized, however, that simply providing a series of links was not effective, as viewers became disinterested in the content and/or confused about which videos to view.


An Engaging Online Training and Certification Center

Working with ON24, Autodesk developed a replacement for its series of traditional e-learning classes—a Virtual Partner Training Center. It complements existing content, providing an organized, dynamic and engaging virtual training environment for hosting training videos and other materials.

With the objective of providing an event “feel” and a more compelling end-user experience, Autodesk incorporated an interactive lobby for connecting with partners, presenting a greeting video to welcome and inform visitors while also promoting real-time communication.

Autodesk had previously invested significant resources into building an LMS system which contained its library of training videos and materials. Hence, an Autodesk priority was to leverage this existing infrastructure. The online virtual training and certification center seamlessly integrates with Autodesk’s existing LMS system, with no extra programming required. Partners log into the LMS system and access the Virtual Partner Training Center as if it were a part of that system. An added benefit to Autodesk of the Virtual Partner Training Center is that user activity is tracked in ON24 reporting, which accesses specific course activity.

Greater Training Convenience and EffectivenessResults

Autodesk’s channel partners have embraced the virtual training center and the convenience of having easy access to a single resource for training courses and materials. Its inviting, welcoming and professional feel encourages usage. In its first two months, the virtual training center — available as a persistent, 24×7 environment — was utilized by thousands of channel partners worldwide.

  • Average virtual training center trainee visit length: over four hours (251 minutes)
  • Training center webcasts viewed: 3,056