The B2B Marketing Quizmas Extravaganza

Once again, it’s that time, it’s clear — cold nights, gift giving and festive cheer. Marketers and salespeople await a task list that’s clear. But how can one pass the time until they reappear in the new year?

Join us to get your 2023 career in gear. Our “Quizmas Extravaganza,” will ensure you’re in the clear. During this event we’ll explore new frontiers and incentivize you with prizes — most premiere!

The task is simple, here’s how it’ll work:

  • Watch now, it’s a perk!
  • Submit your responses to our trivia questions, unforeseen
  • Then discuss and debate the answers that appear on the screen
  • Points win prizes, so serene!

So, what are you waiting for, another invitation? Watch now for your 2023 marketing education!

Watch Now