Beyond Digital Events: A Strategy to Uncover Buying Signals

B2B marketers today have more data than ever before, but more data doesn’t always translate into meaningful insights. As we strategize on engaging prospects and customers across marketing channels, it’s crucial to understand how you can extract buying signals from these high-value interactions.

Join Tessa Barron VP of Marketing at ON24 and Jessie Johnson, Principal Analyst at Forrester for, “Beyond Digital Events: A Strategy to Uncover Buying Signals” to learn how to transform your webinars and virtual events into a powerful channel for collecting and understanding buyer intent, qualifying leads and optimizing content.

Key takeaways include:

  • What’s top of mind for marketers going into 2024
  • How to evaluate marketing channels for data-driven insights
  • The key signals to capture from digital events and webinars
  • Ways to use signals to improve follow-up and content performance

It’s time to make your digital events work harder and smarter next year – Watch now!

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