Jumpstart Your Revenue Engine: Top Strategies For Success in 2022

Andrew Warren-Payne, Market2Marketers
Christy Steward, Global VP of Marketing, at Reachdesk
Leanne Chescoe – Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA at Demandbase
Daniel Ferguson – Sales Development Manager, EMEA at ON24

For B2B marketers, Q1 can be a mixed bag. While we have the rest of the year to hit our goals, the targets we agreed on in December are often inflated by January — meaning we need to rethink, yet again, our strategies and tactics. Furthermore, with new variants worldwide, hopes of a return to normal are even further away. So what should we be doing about it?

Don’t worry too much, there’s help on hand. Join us for “Jumpstart Your Revenue Engine: Top Strategies For Success in 2022,” where experts from Demandbase, Reachdesk and ON24 will be sharing the strategies and approaches that will help you delight your buyers, satisfy your sales team and pump up your pipeline.

You’ll learn:

  • Quick wins for Q1 to get your pipeline flowing
  • Why you can still use direct mail to wow your prospects
  • Tips on delivering account-based experiences that convert to conversations
  • How to motivate your sales and marketing teams for an effective, winning partnership
  • What NOT to do with hybrid events — and the questions you should ask before any serious spending

So, what are you waiting for?

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