ABM Done Right — How The Best B2B Marketers Target, Engage and Convert Top Accounts

It’s confirmed — study after study shows that B2B marketers who take an account-based approach see better results. From more efficient advertising spend to greater impact on pipeline, it’s no surprise that adoption of ABM continues to climb.

But not everyone enjoys fantastic results. For many organisations, taking an account-based approach means nothing more than just targeting a list provided by sales, sticking a logo on a landing page, or doing batch and blast to big company email addresses.

So, what separates out those seeing real success with ABM from those that simply say they do ABM? What do winners do to identify intent? And how do they engage and convert their top target accounts from a first touch to a closed deal?

Fortunately, experts from 6Sense, Drift and ON24 are willing to share their secrets. Join them as they walk you through the exact steps to achieve ABM success. 

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to profile your ideal accounts using data rather than guesswork.
  • The steps to identify which accounts are in-market and actively looking to buy.
  • Tricks to turn a first touch into active engagement and interest.
  • The plays that will increase both speed and conversion rates to real sales conversations.

Make sure your ABM efforts are as effective as they can be. RSVP your ticket to revenue today!

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